iAspire Comprehensive Data Science Program


Receiving an end-to-end world-class data science training
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Work on real community-related and business projects in data science, robotics and artificial intelligence
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In partnership with Linux Academy, we add cloud training to you Data Sciecne curriculum to get you ready
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Information and Data Analytics Foundation

Creating an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Empowered Community

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iAspire Data Science Fellowship Program

iAspire Data Science Fellowship Program is iDAF’s flagship program that aims to train and prepare Nigerian bright minds to use Artificial Intelligence and advanced machine and deep learning concepts to tackle business and social problems.

It is a two-year program that includes a six-month comprehensive data science training and 18 months of professional work as a data scientist. In addition, successful graduates take a cloud certification in AWS, Azure or Google.  

Join us on this two-year journey with a sleuth of mentors from the industry and academia that brings all the interaction, social learning, localized capstone project and a globally accepted cloud certification.

50 Fellows

6 Months of Training

18 Months of Consulting

iAspire Data Science Fellowship Program

iAspire is iDAF full data science education and empowerment program that provides a world-class full-time opportunity to advance your career through rare skill development as a solid Data Scientist and cloud certification with no upfront fees.


iAspire Youth A.I. & Robotics Program

This program prepares youths for rigorous foundational knowledge in Science, Technology, Arts & Language, Engineering and Mathematics (STEAM). This program introduces youths to a modern way of learning and using the knowledge to create and innovate. Students will also be introduced to modern programming languages. Before your teenagers get to the university, they are proficient and be able o solve more complex problems.

iAspire A.I. 4 Kids Program

The iAspire Artificial Intelligence 4 Kids program fosters a child’s natural curiosity about the world to think critically and solve problems. This exposure to practical problem-solving skills with hands-on projects, teamwork very early in their lives helps them to become problems solvers and future innovators.