Let Us Tell You About iDAF (Information and Data Analytics Foundation


Information and Data Analytics Foundation (iDAF) is a nonprofit organization incorporated in February 2019. We are committed to training and empowering Nigerians with advanced Data Science and A.I skills to solve data-related socio-economic problems in the communities.

We are dedicated to helping corporate organizations, SMEs, to stimulate economic growth, create wealth and opportunities for trade and jobs by harnessing the data they have and analyzing it. 

Our Vision

To create an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) empowered community.

Our Mission

Using Artificial Intelligence to:

Our Story

iDAF Summit

This is an annual business summit to bring together the leading figures in the Big Data and Analytics circle across Sub-Saharan Africa to…Read More

iAspire Data Science Fellowship

This is a two-year empowerment program that includes a six-month comprehensive data science training for interested graduates at no cost. Read More

iAspire Youth S.T.E.A.M & A.I. Program

This is to prepare youths for rigorous foundational knowledge in Science, Technology, Arts & Language, Engineering and Mathematics (STEAM). Read More

iAspire A.I. 4 Kids Program

This is set up to foster a child’s natural curiosity about the world to think critically and solve problems. Read More

Support Us

We are actively looking for sponsorship, donation or partnership from organizations and individuals. We seek to keep making impacts and hope you will be inspired to join us.

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