iDAF Projects

Artificial Intelligence is the new oil and data is the electricity that powers the oil

As a corporate partner with iDAF, you sponsor an iDAF  Capstone Project to help your organization solve pressing business and data analytics challenges. Our students will work on your project for the duration of the program to help your organization deploy advanced data analytics models into your enterprise solutions. These models include machine learning, deep learning, and other advanced analytics models.

Below are some of the industries in which advanced analytics are currently being used.

Banking and Securities

Helps in reducing fraudulent transactions

Communications & media

For simultaneous real time reports of several platforms


To collect public health report and identify global spread of various viruses


To update and upgrade prescribed literature for rapid growth


To enhance Supply Chain Management


For developing new products and handling claims through analytics

consumer trade

To predict and manage staffing and inventory requirements.


For better managing traffic plan and logistics


Helps in measuring Electricity usage with Smart meters


To monitor the performance of individual players and teams by analysis